Links I love

some stuff one usually only comes across by chance, mainly art/experimental websites or feminist things:

Interactive Stuff

Electronic Literature Collection - 60 electronic literature works demonstrating the scope of the genre

just check it out and browse a bit!

A hypertextual dramatic piece

Other stuff by kid koma


Meopower - An online Feminist Journal

A journal of interdisciplinary studies of literature, continental philosophy,
phenomenological psychology and the arts


Magnum photos in motion

ArtisLife Press in Hamburg - great books but only in German

Alessandro Nassiri - interesting artist


Feminist Bioethics

Cyberfeminism for Dummies

Women philosophers

Philosopher and feminist writer Rebecca Walker (daughter of Alice Walker)


"Josh's Adventures in Sweden" - I don't know this guy but stumbled across his website while googling 'blood pudding' and couldn't stop reading and laughing...

FFF publishes short news missives from a darkly funny future